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demolition services


Decommissioning Refinery, refinery processing units, plant and pipework, chimney stacks

The high hydraulic breaker to crush concrete in a very fast it can work in mall, hotel, cement factory, oil and gas

2D & 3D images of all kinds of objects concealed in concrete structures, the easy-to-detect PS 1000

Among our work in the construction contracting

Diamond Concrete Cutting of RCC Slab & wall & Column and Foundation

You can now remove building components from the inside, including walls, ceilings, electrical systems, floors, and stairs

Strip Out Service includes all structures and buildings such as schools, hospitals, residential buildings and offices

With the development of demolition experience, We offer a full range of solutions in building contracting, including traditional demolition work for all high rise concrete structures

Al Mrooj provide the best solution for cutting a Whaler Beams and Thrust Blocks.

Controlled demolition work is carried out with full consideration of safety and preservation of the environment and all structures surrounding the building

We are qualified and properly equipped to handle concrete drilling projects of any size

We disassemble the steel structure according to the structure analysis for safe disassembly, and we have a team
Our approved steel building contractors for project management

Our duty is to preserve the environment by managing demolition waste through segregation by type and recycling

Exposure to asbestos is one of the main risks, recommend removing the asbestos through a licensed contractor as al Mrooj

Al mrooj developed bridge demolition with latest technology in the world being one of the largest city and road construction contracting companies in Dubai, Diamond Concrete Cutting, water jet, breaking, Steel Gantry

We have customized a new slab cutting methodology in Burj Khalifa to meet Emaar’s requirements No Water, No Vibration, No Sound and No Dust

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