Steel structure dismantling

Dismantling and removing steel structures is a widely chosen method compared to complete demolition work, so it is a complex process that involves many risks, especially if the work space is narrow or at high altitudes.

We dismantle the steel structure according to the analysis of the structure for safe disassembly, we have our own certified steel structure team to manage the project along with our third party approved machines to comply with the safety requirements

We create a 3D simulation to explain the steps of dismantling a steel structure

steel structure dismantling works

dismantle steel structure using gas cutter for welded steel
dismantle steel structure by remove steel bolt
Steel Structure Dismantling Analysis
Steel Structure modification
Debris Removal & Disposal

Types of Steel Structures Building :

Steel bridge
Steel structure building
expo pavilion

With extensive equipment available, we have everything you need to dispose of old steel structures and large amounts of scrap metal. Whether you are vacating an unused power plant or demolishing a plant, we can help with the machinery and experience to help get the job done quickly and efficiently.

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