bridge Demolition


This kind of work needs experts at the highest level because the region’s economy and people’s lives depend on a quality and safe infrastructure.

We have a team of contractors, engineers and a fleet of demolition mechanisms specialized in demolishing bridges, the team allows you to plan for expansion

As leading bridge demolition contractors, we know that such work requires expertise and precision, so we offer our expertise to handle every challenge.

bridge demolition process

We have improved our demolition technology to match the highest requirements in the market to convince our customers, how can it be finished easily and quickly while conforming to all safety requirements

Using 3D simulation to explain the work steps and simulate reality before starting demolition work to avoid any mistakes or miss coordination to reach the highest quality during demolition work

main types of bridges

  • Demolish road bridges
  • Demolish pedestrian bridges
  • Demolition of bridge attachments
  • Rail bridge demolition
  • Bridge pier demolition
  • Suspension bridge demolition
  • Full bridge removal
  • Partial bridge removal
  • Roadway demolition

bridge demolition contractors

We know that the services of demolishing bridges is complex and requires planning and experts at a high level, but with our contractors and engineers, demolition will be easier

Al-Mrooj Contracting and Bridges Company owns the latest methods and equipment for demolishing concrete bridges. promise to provide you with safe and cost-conscious service

The team will take precautions to deal with hazardous materials like lead paint if need be to secure the bridge demolition zone

bridge demolition company

We have our specialized team to erect the steel gantry under a bridge to keep the traffic going easily with full protection according to RTA requirements

We have continual safety training for our crews so that they have up-to-date information that assists them to handle the most challenging aspects a bridge demolition contractor can come across.

Talk to our team today about the bridge demolition project you’re taking on and we’ll find the right demolition method and plan based on your site needs.


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