Strip Out Services

If you are looking for a Strip Out Services, you have come to the right place

Al-Mrooj Building and Demolition Contracting Company provides a service of removing internal parts and installations for all concrete structures

You can now remove building components from the inside, including walls, ceilings, electrical systems, floors, and stairs

Strip Out Service includes all structures and buildings such as schools, hospitals, residential buildings and offices

We provide stripping service according to the client’s requirements and recommendations, according to safety and quality standards, and through the latest equipment and machines in the process of internal stripping and removal.

The selective demolition service includes the following items:

1- All structures, both structural and non-structural, such as schools, hospitals, and offices

2- Removing internal components and fixtures such as walls and electrical systems

3- Interior finishes, mechanical and plumbing systems 

4- Shell and core fit out

5- Remove all decoration material to hand over the shop

6- Layout modification according to now design

7- Building Renovation such as hotel, offices, restaurants

Our clients have entrusted us with the structural integrity of their most important buildings and we have responded with an unwavering commitment to quality, safety, and reliability.


We look forward to continuing this important work and bringing outstanding structural engineering to our community so as to make the structures completely safe and functional

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If you are ready for your demolition process, we at Al-Mrooj Building Contracting Company We have professional strip out and removal contractors are fully prepared to meet your request and implement the project in full, starting from the feasibility study, planning and providing advice to the complete completion of the work


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