industrial Decommissioning


As Al-Mrooj Company is one of the best companies to bring a new solution to our clients through
decommissioning in the demolition field, we create innovative solutions to decommission,

Control Demolition

An advanced controlled demolition method to ensure that no vibration is transmitted to the existing
structure in order to maintain it safe during demolition work using the latest 

Conventional Demolition

It is the best technique for safe/Fast demolition, al Mrooj is characterized by a quick solution due to our
own excavator operated by the very specialized operator to
achieve the highest productivity.

Stripe out Services ‘’Shell and core’’

When it comes to Shell and core services, al mrooj provides the best solution for removing all decor
items and MEP through our specialist’s team to hand

Concrete Cutting

Al mrooj specializes in concrete cutting with a large number of machines to meet the market demands, we customize the best concrete cutting solution based on
the accessibility and dimensions of the concrete.

Dry concrete cutting is the Best solution to meet
all requirements. Al mrooj is the best company that develops and provides incredible and right
methodologies integrated with our qualified demolition engineering

Waste management

Al Mrooj as a professional demolition company. Our
duty is to preserve the environment by managing
demolition waste through segregation

Bridge Demolition

Al mrooj developed bridge demolition with the latest technology in the world. Bridge demolitions are some of the most technical demolitions undertaken. They require extreme caution 

Concrete Scanning

With its ability to provide clear, 2D & 3D images of all kinds of objects concealed in concrete structures, the
easy-to-use PS 1000-B X-Scan Radar Detection System from Hilti takes the non-destructive inspection 

When it comes to the confined area our robot can demolish easily with the high hydraulic breaker to crush
concrete in a very fast and safe way with this technology it can work in malls, hotels, cement factories,

Steel structure dismantling

We have completed many successful projects for dismantling steel structures We create a 3D simulation to explain the steps of dismantling a steel structure

Whaler Beams

al mrooj provide the best solution for cutting a Whaler Beams and Thrust Blocks because whaler beams required an expertise from the day of casting till the day of execution and required a a big number of wire 

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