Robotic demolition

The tremendous development in the construction and demolition processes is due to a key factor, which is robotic demolition, where destruction robots play an important role in the construction of high-rise buildings and roofs.

Concrete demolition may take a long time, the demolition process is too risky, or the workspace is too narrow to accommodate conventional robots, so demolition robots are the right solution. Through robotic demolition, the human element is greatly reduced due to its speed and flexibility in carrying out demolition work


What is robotic or selective demolition 

Destruction robots are miniature excavators without a cabin and have rippers or cutters and augers where they are controlled remotely. These machines have tracks and arms powered by hydraulic or electric power

Demolition robots can reach narrow places that the human element cannot reach, and they have advantages and high productivity efficiency as they can go down and ascend through the stairs and demolish the interior parts of the building

Features of contemporary demolition robots to break

1- remote control

Where the robot is controlled from outside the area of operations through the wireless control panel, thus reducing safety and security risks

2- Environmentally friendly

Of course, most demolition projects produce a lot of dust and toxic fumes and this harms the health of contractors and the environment, but with demolition robots powered by electric or hydraulic power there are no concerns about air pollution.

3- Flexibility and ease of implementation

Modern construction and demolition machines can reach narrow places that the human element cannot reach, as they operate with a three-arm system and are therefore able to reach any scale.

4- Efficiency and Productivity

The latest methodologies are applied in the demolition process using modern micro robots that fit into any job site, these machines can work day and night in order to complete the project quickly and efficiently

These automatic cutters have more than twice the strength and power of conventional cutters, they save a lot of time and effort in addition to being environmentally friendly and heat resistant

Robotic Demolition

  • concrete walls
  • concrete floors
  • Building walls and ceilings
  • concrete pallets

Selective and robotic demolition experts

Dealing and controlling demolition robots is done by trained demolition contractors and experts, and therefore any untrained person is considered dangerous.

Therefore, at Al-Mrooj building and Demolition Contracting Company, we provide our experience in partial demolition through contemporary demolition machines to break, as it occupies the forefront in the demolition industry using various demolition robots along with skilled operators and contractors to complete the work in a responsible, safe and efficient manner.

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