Dry Cutting Concrete

There are many methods and techniques used in the process of sawing and cutting dry concrete, diamond cutting is one of the most effective and widely used methods due to its special advantages over other saws.


Advantages of dry cutting concrete

Dry cutting uses a specialized diamond blade that can handle more heat. Without water for cooling, the saw uses ambient air to cool the blade, which is why it must rotate freely between cuts to increase airflow. You can pair a dry saw with a dust extractor or a vacuum cleaner to pick up the concrete dust in a bag.

We have customized a new methodology in cutting dry concrete according to the following construction requirements: –

1-No Water: Unlike wet cutting that requires a flow of pressurized water, dry cutting uses air flow to prevent overheating

Dry cutting is used when the job site requires it to be kept dry at all times or when there is no water source

2-No Vibration No sound :  Dry cutting saws increase uptime, improve accuracy and get work done quickly, and the cut blades are made with wide spaces between parts so you don’t have to apply too much force when using a dry cutting blade

4-No Dust: You can pair a dry-cutting saw with a dust extractor or vacuum to catch concrete dust in a bag.

5- Keep the whole area clean while cutting concrete:

Wet cutting leads to mixing of water with dust and thus becomes concrete mortar, which causes a complete chaos in the place and affects the speed of completion of work, so the most appropriate solution is dry cutting without using water and with a bag to collect dust

6- Straightforward operation:  Dry cutting creates shallow, straight cuts

7- Longevity: Diamond blades in general tend to last a long time. But the ones used in dry cutting saws are more durable and heat-resistant.


Dry concrete cutting is the Best solution to meet all requirements , Al mrooj is the best company that develops and provides incredible and right methodologies integrated with our qualified demolition engineering

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