Core Drilling

Core drilling has become a basic requirement in construction and demolition Solutions in Dubai to operate sewage systems, electricity, and telephone lines, as well as commercial and residential applications.

With the development of technology, many concrete drilling and cutting tools are available. Al-Mrooj Company has kept pace with this progress so that it does not hesitate to provide the best solutions in all contracting services, including coring concrete structures

Basically, core drilling is ideal especially when it comes to narrow and hard-to-reach places. Its flexibility, lightweight, and versatility make it a key player in various concrete drilling projects.


Concrete coring is the process of drilling perfectly round holes through hard structures such as concrete walls. It’s the go-to concrete drilling technique when a precise circular penetration is needed. Electrical or hydraulic drilling can be used for drilling in sensitive or narrow areas. At almost any angle, whether it is vertical or horizontal

core drilling services :

  • Coring for cables and pipes
  • Ventilation holes
  • Test core diamond drilling
  • Deep hole diamond drilling and angular diamond drilling
  • Coring and fixing of chemical anchors for steel structures
  • Core drilling, cleaning the holes, and injecting epoxy for fixing rebar
  • steel rods.


Stitching is one of the techniques used in industrial, residential, and commercial projects to create holes and coring in concrete structures such as walls and floors that diamond drilling cannot reach.

Stitch drilling is the best choice in projects that other drilling techniques cannot implement

Features of drilling stitches

1- When it comes to spaces with a limited scope, the stitches drill is the best option due to its flexibility and ease of work, and access to these limited places
2- The ability to create holes, shapes, and openings in walls, whatever their thickness
3- Create a series of overlapping holes and openings to create and develop a huge opening
4- Good for smaller openings where sawing is not practical


Stitch drilling is a common technique used to make non-standard-shaped and sized holes when standard cutting equipment isn’t suited for the job. This technique is performed by coring a series of overlapping holes, allowing for one large segment to be removed. Stitch drilling is often the answer when dealing with relatively thick slabs or walls, or when the structural integrity of the purposed opening cannot be compromised.


1-Diamond core drilling is an efficient and accurate method of drilling a wide variety of hard materials—including asphalt, masonry, and steel—without vibration.
2-This dust-free, noise-free
3-Flexibility and the ability to control drilling vertically, horizontally, and at any angle
4-Lightweight and versatile equipment
5-Electrical or hydraulic drilling can be used for drilling in sensitive
or narrow areas

the system makes diamond core drilling the technique of choice for environmentally-conscious concrete contractors.

We provide many services in Core Drilling, such as digging stitches,
ventilation holes, digging pipes and cables In addition to deep, tilted, and angled pits

With over 100 curling machines and a substantial team of specialists, guaranteeing fast and efficient results.

core drilling contractors

Al-Mrooj is considered the best core drilling company in the UAE, it has sufficient experience that resulted from the implementation of many projects in Dubai.
Contractors are trained at the highest level and according to quality and safety standards




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