Whaler Beams

We have cutting Whaler Beams Service

Whaling beams require a high level of experience from the day of casting
to execution due to the large number of wire saws required in addition to
certified operators.

Therefore, our responsibilities require heading to the work site to
prepare whaler beams and put in place the inputs for allocating the plastic
cover and preparing the hooks for the support and lifting process, taking into
account the safety measures

 Our company is considered one of
the leading companies in this field, as it has implemented many projects in
Dubai and Abu Dhabi, and the service has met with customer satisfaction due to
the company’s high quality services, flexible handling of challenges and
project completion when it comes to concrete demolition solutions /Whaler Beams


Why Whaler Beams need to cut?

We are aware about the whaler beam it is very important to Support the
sides of the excavation to reach for deep excavation in order to build many
basement for parking or other requirements.

The Whaler Beam is not a part of the building that should be removed
when we need to cast the upper slab in order to complete the building

 Therefore, Al mrooj meet market
demands for demolishing whaler beam
Using latest technology our saw cutting machine can easily cut with wire
saw cutter to keep existing retaining wall separated from whaler beam for
carting away and turn to dumping area

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