Conventional Demolition

What is a conventional demolition?

Conventional demolition is the process of demolishing factories, structures and tall buildings using excavators with road and tow attachments, conventional demolition system applies to the majority of demolition projects for all concrete structures

We provide a full range of solutions that meet all requirements, including conventional demolition work for all concrete structures, whatever their height.

How are traditional demolitions carried out

The method and method of demolition depends on the shape and size of the building and the goal of the demolition, if it is partial or complete. Our engineers go to the operations site and the case is studied and a plan and a safe area is created around the place and then the decision is taken to demolish after obtaining permission from the government

Conventional demolition contractors

You can trust this service, since we are the largest demolition companies in the UAE, we have the best-trained demolition specialists in carrying out the tasks, our responsibilities are to carry out traditional demolition work through planning and coordinating projects in the safest, most cost-effective and least cost-effective way difficulty.


We use the latest technology in complete demolition and include all concrete structures, for example:

1 – Residential buildings and hospitals

2- Tourism of hotels and residential towers

3- tall buildings

4- Factories, installations and garage

5- Schools and colleges

6- Demolition of villas and palaces


A service you can trust, where a comprehensive approach is taken in regards to perimeter fencing, slaps and foundation removal, asbestos, and soft tape removal.  We depend on highly trained and expert staff and technicians to carry out the works complying with all safety requirements.


We provide complete demolition service for all concrete buildings, demolition includes leaving nothing behind

The total demolition is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the client, where comprehensive planning of the project is carried out to ensure effective implementation

In the demolition process, we always focus on protecting the environment and properly separating materials


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