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AL MROOJ strategy

Is to provide the necessary solution for the contractors Based on the expertise values to raise the awareness of the value of Engineering that AL MROOJ uniquely provide in this field. AL MROOJ develops and provides the construction and energy sectors An outstanding added value with more than 70 employees and Expertise. AL MROOJ’s center of attention is the contractors who seeking For a safe/proper and economic methodology solution in this field.

Our Mission

Al Mrooj Demolition Company was established in Dubai to serve the Demolition market and oil & gas services all over UAE with Professional
Services, preferable rates, and top quality.

Our Vision

To lead the Demolition companies and solve the biggest problem in demolition, provide the best quality and most economical professional

The company Target

We look forward to continuing this important work and bringing outstanding demolition engineering to our community so as to make the demolition work completely safe and functional


Demolition permit

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