Concrete Scanning Service

All demolition and construction operations and activities contain high risks, especially if they are not implemented by specialized experts. 

Doing demolition of structures, cutting concrete and digging holes before doing a concrete scanning contain many risks and challenges, as the possibility of hitting rebar, pipes, post-tension cables, and electrical pipes are high. Therefore, careful scanning of concrete blocks had to be carried out before drilling and holes were made

 Work stoppages due to concrete structure damage, equipment damage, or crew injury may limit project completion on time, so the best innovative solution to such challenges is a concrete scanning 

 We use high-accuracy Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), which is used to detect risks in concrete before cutting or drilling, which reduces the risk of injuries or project delays.    



Our concrete scanning service is a non-destructive technology widely used in construction and demolition processes in order to detect and identify clear hazards and paths within concrete slabs prior to excavation or cutting therefore it is important to have a reliable and specific method to locate all hazards prior to any modifications whether it is steel reinforcement or electrical cables, tubes

 CONCREtE scanning equipment

We use Hilti PS 1000 X-scan technology to inspect and analyze concrete objects in order to avoid damage and knocks in cables, rebar, ducts, and bars within concrete.

 The scanner can reach a maximum depth of 300 mm


  • The scanner provides an accurate view of the interior of the concrete structure and generates accurate images and afterimages
  •  View top-view cross-sections in 2D and 3D for easy object mapping and multi-layer identification
  •  The all-in-one compact design provides data visualization
  •  Provides vital information about the depth of concrete and the objects inside the concrete


1- Rebar Detection

 Concrete structures and panels contain rebar, which is an integral part of structural integrity, with (GPR) rebar patterns can be identified and located, and thus cut or broken safely.

 2- Post-tension cable detection

If post-tensioned cables are cut, they can break the concrete structure and pose a threat to the safety of the crew, and therefore the job of the concrete scanner is to locate the cables to reduce safety risks and preserve the concrete structure.

 3- Detection of pipes and ducts

The covered electrical wires are passed in the channels inside the concrete structure and thus pose a danger in the event that they are broken or cut due to the power outage that may occur, and this constitutes a source of inconvenience.

 Therefore, the task of (GPR) is to detect and locate pipes and channels and prevent errors when cutting or cracking concrete.

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