Controlled Demolition

Among our services and responsibilities as one of the construction and demolition companies in Dubai, we provide a controlled demolition service for all structures and buildings

Controlled demolition work is carried out with full consideration of the safety and preservation of the environment and all structures surrounding the building

We use the latest technologies and methodologies to ensure minimum vibration and disturbance, dust reduction, and debris removal, The work area is secured before the start of implementation after obtaining approval

controlled demolition meaning and how it works

The building or the part to be demolished is separated and neutralized from the entire main building so that it is not affected by the factors of vibration and turbulence, and then the removal process is carried out safely

The site is prepared in a detailed and comprehensive manner, where the internal walls of the building are removed and holes are drilled to place

This process is suitable for all structures and buildings, and it is common in high-rise buildings, bridges, and towers

Best controlled demolition company

Our responsibility at Al-Mrooj Building and Demolition Contracting Company is to carry out controlled demolition work with the least damage and risks and at a low cost in accordance with the rules of safety, security and quality

Our contractors have high expertise and capabilities in a controlled demolition, and we have implemented many similar projects, and we are fully prepared to carry out these works as quickly as possible and according to customers’ requirements. responsibility


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