Waste management

As a leading company in the construction and demolition waste management services sector in the UAE, we provide a full range of sustainable solutions in the market to meet the requirements of the construction and demolition sector in Dubai

Al-Mrooj Company is trusted by many communities in the industrial, commercial and residential sectors. We provide many services for such projects, including the management of construction and demolition waste and its removal.


Demolition and construction activities generate a wide range of different waste consisting of heterogeneous mixtures that are usually contaminated with paints, adhesives, wall coverings, dirt, insulation, and fasteners

This waste results from the complete or selective demolition of concrete structures as well as renovation and rebuilding

Construction and demolition waste services include

1- Waste asphalt, bricks, and concrete

2- Gypsum board, wood, and plants

3- Asbestos and contaminated soil

4- Rubble, rubble, ceramics, metals, and paper products

5- Plastic waste


There are many advantages of demolition waste management and removal such as

1- Reducing airborne pollutants from waste dumping activities

2- Reducing the possibility of the presence of heavy metals and hazardous materials in the waste stream that can pollute both the soil and groundwater

3- Improving health and safety conditions by controlling hazardous materials, broken and sharp objects, and sprayers from degradable waste in the waste stream

4- Reducing visual pollution that negatively affects the social and economic development of any society.

waste management company

The mission of Al-Mrooj Building Demolition Contracting in Dubai is to services dispose of this waste, remove it through the necessary equipment and containers, and recycle it for further use, preserving the environment and reducing the risks of this waste.



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