Infrastructure decommissioning as an ideal solution in demolition work which includes all power and water plants, petrol and sewage stations, pipelines and oil fields

  We are fully aware of how it can affect the environment and that is why we provide the highest standards and code of practice during the decommissioning process

We provide the most cost-effective, efficient and on-time solutions, we have plenty of machines and a dedicated decommissioning team

Decommissioning Process:

continued project monitoring and progress evaluation will be conducted throughout the duration of the project. We believe in providing the safest, most practical and cost effective solution for strategic decommissioning. Applied project KPI’s are continuously monitored and client feedback incorporated thus providing optimum    client satisfaction to budget and programme.

What does a decommissioning company do?

When a building/structure reaches the end of it’s lifespan it is required to properly be decommissioned before it’s demolished. A decommissioning company puts together the following:

1- Decommissioning plan

2- Decontamination and industrial cleaning

3- Strip-out and removal

4- Monitoring and progress evaluation

5- Structural demolition works

6- Survey and site handover

Decommissioning costs

Our client facing approach from initial budget costing through to final project completion ensures first class communication, client satisfaction and successful and safe project completion. 

Our on-going investment in the latest plant technology provides a safe, sustainable and more environmentally friendly service

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